Renewsys Deserv 150W Solar Panel


The Renewsys family of poly-crystalline cut cells PV modules comes with power ratings ranging from 135Wp to 150Wp. These modules use high performance poly crystalline cut cells and are designed for grid connects as well as off-grid applications. Other custom modules can also be configured.

The poly-crystalline cut cells are embedded between solar grade, low iron, tempered glass and a highly reliable Back sheet using high quality EVA – this ensures high degree of insulation and environmental isolation. The glass is inset deep in the frame, thereby ensuring maximum protection. The back of the module is sealed with a high-quality Back sheet. The junction box has no hollow cavities, is water tight and is resistant to temperature and UV radiation.

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Key Features

  • Made in India.
  • Positive power tolerance.
  • Highly reliable low-iron tempered glass.
  • Wind speed – 2400Pa.
  • Snow load – 5400Pa.
  • IP 67 junction box.
  • PID resistant.

Quality & Safety

  • IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 61701 compliant.
  • UL 1703 compliant.
  • ISO: 9001-2008 Certified Manufacturing Facility.


  • Limited Power Output Warranty – 25 Years.
  • Product Warranty – 10 Years.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Peak Power, Pmax (W p) – 150W.
  • Open circuit voltage, Voe (V) – 22.79V.
  • Short Circuit current, lsc (A) – 8.67V.
  • Voltage at Maximum power, Vmp (V) – 18.44V
  • Current at Maximum power, Imp (A) – 8.15A.
  • Module Efficiency (%) – 14.8%.

Mechanical Parameters

  • Module dimension (mm) – 1024mm x 990mm x 40/42mm.
  • No. of Cells – 36.
  • Solar cell Type (nm) – Poly crystalline cells.
  • Front Cover (nm) – 3.2mm Thick Low iron tempered glass.
  • Frame Material (mm) – Silver Anodized Aluminium Alloy.
  • Junction Box – 4 Rail IP67.

Additional information

Weight 13000 g
Dimensions 102.4 × 99 × 4.2 cm


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