Mitha Solar Generator 1500W AC


The Mitha Solar Generator G1500W is suitable for mid range appliances such as TV+DSTV, Home Sound System, Microwave, Hair dryer, drilling equipment, Computers running appliances up to 1.5Kw.  The Mitha Solar Generator 1500W  features a variety of upgraded outputs, including a pure-sine AC inverter and WIFI Interface through a Android/IOS Smart App that will enable you to wirelessly  control the generator,  check the battery capacity, runtime and overall health of your system.

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1500W Pure Sine Wave Powerful AC, USB and 12V Outputs and WiFi Interface 

Whether you’re looking to keep tablets and phones charged up, or running lights and camera equipment, the Mitha Solar Generator 1500W  features a variety of upgraded outputs, including a pure-sine AC inverter, to ensure you have the power you need, when you need it.


  • USB port (output): 5V, up to 2.4A (12 W max), regulated.
  • 12V car port (output): 12V/24V, up to 10A (120W max).
  • AC inverter (output, pure sine wave): 220VAC 50Hz, 7A (1500W continuous).
  • Charging port (input, 8mm): 14-29V, up to 10A (120W max).


  • Chainable: No.
  • Weight: 25KG
  • Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 25 cm.
  • Operating usage temp.: 0 – 40°C.
  • Warranty: 60 months.

In The Box

  • 1 x Mitha Solar Generator
  • 1 x Wall Charger Cable
  • 1 x 12V Socket Connector

20A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 

  • Automatically measures the battery voltage and then sets up the charge parameters (12 or 24V).
  • Operates the Solar Panels at the maximum efficiency.
  • Can improve power extracted from the solar panels by 30% over normal shunt/series PWM regulators.
  • LED status notification.
  • Temperature controlled Cooling Fan.
  • Selectable low voltage disconnects.
  • 24-hour load shed or Day/Night mode.
  • Charges batteries by setting up the best power point of the solar panels.

Technical Specifications

  • Output Current Rating: 20A.
  • Maximum Panel Size: 12V–240W PV Max; 24V-480W PV Max.
  • Nominal Battery Voltage Multi-Voltage: 12-24VDC (Automatic selection of voltage).
  • PV Input Voltage Absolute Maximum: 50VDC.
  • Charge Algorithm: 2-stage Boost/Voltage.
  • Boost Voltage: Lead Acid battery {14.8V (12V), 29.6V (24V)}; Gel battery {14.2V (12V), 28.4V (24V)}.
  • Float Voltage: Lead Acid battery {13.8V (12V), 27.6V (24V)}; Gel battery {13.6V (12V), 27.2V (24V)}.
  • Power Conversion: DC/DC Switch Mode.
  • Output Efficiency: >95% Typical @ 14V 15A Output.
  • Voltage Step Down: Can charge a lower voltage battery from a higher voltage PV array.
  • Status Display: 6 LED display: Panel, Load, Boost, Full, Medium, Low.
  • Power Consumption: Less than 1W.
  • Environmental rating: 0-40 ºC.

Additional information

Weight 25000 g
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 40 cm
What can these system power?

Appliances connected together of up to 1500 Watts on AC e.g

X2 TVs= 40W = 80W
Charging=10 W
X2 DSTVs= 60W = 120W
X6 Energy Saving Lights = 60W
Double Door Fridge = 800W
Microwave = 400W
Totalling those appliances will be 1470 Watts

DC Appliances connected in to the system of up to 120 Watts e.g
12V TV= 40W
5V Charging=10 W
12V DSTV= 60W
12V 5 DC Lights = 5W

Totalling those appliances will be 115 Watts at 12V. If you are using a 24V system you can power appliances that use 24V of up to 240 Watts


5 year warranty


Yes with Smart App


1500 Watts Pure SineWave

Charge Controller

20 Amp

AC Charging



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