Bank Account Transfer

Orders may be paid for via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through your online banking account into the business account of Silicon Energy Technology. Just follow these 4 easy steps when paying for your order via EFT.

Step 1: Log into your Online Banking Account

The following are the most common Banking institutions in the Republic of South Africa. Simply click on the banking link below to log into your associated account.


Step 2: Setup Silicon Energy Technology as a beneficiary

Create a new beneficiary “Silicon Energy Technology” with the following Bank Account Details:

Account Name: Silicon Energy Technology (Pty) Ltd
Institution: First National Bank
Branch: Summerstrand
Branch Code.: 210049
Cheque Acc. No : 62828398265

Step 3: Pay the total amount using your order number as the reference

By using your order number as a reference, we will be able to locate and confirm your payment to help speed up your order.

Step 4: Email us your proof of payment

This is VERY important if you wish to speed up your delivery times. Just before you transfer the funds for your order via EFT, ensure that you send “Notification to Recipient” via email. During the check out process you will be provided with a secure email address to send your proof of payment to. Insert this in the email address block so that once your payment is processed, our Orders department will receive a bona fide proof of payment that has been sent directly from your bank to us. This will ensure that we can dispatch your purchase immediately.

*Should you not send a proof of payment, or send us a proof of payment from any other email address (other than the one that would be sent by your bank), we will process your order only once the funds have reflected within our account which could delay delivery of your goods to you by 2-3 working days. Also note that paying via a bank teller (or ATM) is not paying via EFT and similarly, your goods will only be dispatched once the funds have cleared.