Who are we?

Silicon Energy Technology is an innovative company aimed at providing commercialized energy solutions at affordable and economically catered prices. It is a renewable energy entity specializing in providing customers/communities with a fresher alternative to typical and existing energy solutions with the advantage of saving energy costs for customers.


Silicon Energy Technology manufactures home, business and industrial energy equipment on solar, wind, hydro and biogas.aims to offer its products at affordable prices to meet the demand of the poor class, middle class, and high class in the income earning brackets and on community levels.

Energy Solutions

We offer a variety of tailor made renewable energy solutions and applications. Silicon Energy Technology specialises in the engineering and implementation of solar energy,grid-tie solutions, solar energy with Backup (hybrid) power systems and Off-grid systems.


We assist Customers with investment decision-making by conducting detailed energy consumption, energy economics and projected life cycle expenditure analysis.  Customers are presented with comprehensive business cases outlining return on investment and payback periods.

Kwanda Jakalase

Founder, CEO

Started his renewable energy interest in 2014 in biogas, has experience working for Eskom as a renewable energy consultant and installations of Telkom solar powered landlines and towers, He has been in the renewable industry for the past 6 years investing in energy technology.

Randolph Meth

CO-Founder, CFO

Randolph has managed finances for a construction (focusing on water and sanitation), private investment company and various other entities. He uses his knowledge in finance, accounting and strategic business development to manage Silicon Energy Technology

Asemahle Rasana

Head of Engineering

A Mechatronics Engineer by profession, He worked at a company Eveready (Pty) Ltd on the development and production of some of their products including battery and wind turbine manufacturing, and some innovative projects they are pursuing in the field of renewable energy technology.

Vivante Mhlekwa

Product Development

Ndip Chemical Processing Technology

Thato Monyaki


BEng Mechatronics